How to populate your Spascribe library

Add your product, treatment & business info via the browser-based admin dashboard

The beauty of your Spascribe cloud library is you only have to add it once, then you can use it again and again

What you can add

Add the following info to your library, to automatically create your app selections and the branded finished prescriptions:

BRANDING: Add your logo and contact details for the prescription

USERS: Add your user details. Your library syncs to every iPad

PRODUCTS: Adds product’s brand, name, image, summary, size, price, dose & weblink

TREATMENTS: Add the treatment category and the treatment name

DEMO DATA: The entire Medik8 range is already setup for you to play with

Spascribe admin dashboard

Spascribe admin dashboard
Spascribe admin dashboard

Add your products & treatments in bulk

with one click

We have an in-built bulk upload tool for both products and treatments.

Simply download the sample form from your dashboard and open in something like excel. Simply add your product and treatment data in the relevant columns of each form and then from within your dashboard select the file and click upload.

That’s it, your Spascribe dashboard has been populated within seconds.

Create beautiful, sales-generating prescriptions in 30 seconds

Add any number of products & treatments from your Spascribe library

Print immediately over Wifi then auto-email to your customer's inbox with buy now linked to your website

Spascribe Spa Prescription Marketing