Spascribe’s revenue growth generating features

Super quick & easy-to-use, powerful & customizable

Completely brandable

Customize your prescription template with your logo and more…

Brand it. Save your company’s logo and contact details that get printed on every prescription form for the ultimate in professionalism. You can even add additional users so your customer’s prescription and ePrescription identifies who performed the consultation

Use any product or treatment

Pre-configure your own Spascribe library to be a perfect fit for your business’ menu

The magic of Spascribe is your own customized cloud library. Spascribe allows complete personalization of your business’s menu. Add it once and use it over and over again. Add any product including the product category, product brand, product name, image, summary, size, price, dosage and link to your online store. Add any treatment segmented into categories for fast app discovery. Need to add or edit another something? No problem. it’s easy.

Complete a fully detailed prescription in only 30 seconds

Simply select your products & treatments added to your Spascribe cloud

Quickly find products by clicking the brand and then product range and add by clicking the relevant product. Additionally, select the application regime you want the customer to apply the product,  clicking morning and / or evening icons. You can even list the products in order of use, reorder them or delete them with an iPad swipe. All the product info is already added from your Spascribe library, so there is no need to write anything, simply select. Quickly find treatments by clicking the treatment category and add by clicking the treatment. Create your treatment protocol including how many treatments your recommend and even how often. Alternatively, create a custom treatment right there and then.

Prints over Wi-Fi

Nothing increases sales more than providing your recommendations in hard copy

One of the major benefits of Spascribe is the ability to create a custom fully detailed prescription super-fast and then be able to give a printed copy immediately to the customer. Using WiFi, you can do exactly that with a click of a screen.

Auto-Emails to customer's inbox

Stretch your consultation’s reach to where your customers go most: their inbox

In most cases the customer doesn’t buy every recommendation there and then. Spascribe automatically and immediately emails an eCommerce enabled copy of your recommendations to your customers inbox. Read below for more info on eCommerce

eCommerce ready

Automatically links your ePrescription recommendations to your online store

Spascribe automatically generates “Buy Now” buttons in the ePrescription pdf sent to your customer so that they may purchase all or additional products from your recommendation at any time. This system dramatically converts recommendations to sales even in scenarios like events or over the phone consultations too!

Coupon codes

Optionally include coupon codes in every prescription

Provide an added incentive to buy online from you by adding a coupon to your prescriptions, redeemable on your website. A typical use example is a free shipping coupon code, or any special offer you are currently running.

Saved to your archive

Review previous prescriptions in your searchable archive

Want to know what was recommended last time? Or the time before that? Need to see what a colleague recommended during a treatment when at front of house? Spascribe auto archives every prescription for quick retrieval and review.

Track team performance

The power of fast and easy monitoring

Prescriptions are bcc’d to your chosen manager

Need to review what your team are recommending? Need to monitor the individual performance of team members? Spascribe makes it easy by being able to receive a Bcc copy of every prescription sent out. You can also track referred sales on your website, by adding a unique identifier per user in the admin dashboard. Now, like never before, you can monitor the sharp-end of your business’ performance.

Works Online & Offline

Whether you in WiFi range or not, you can still create prescriptions.

Spascribe still functions even in the furthest treatment room from your Wi-Fi router. All your prescriptions are stored locally on your iPad, until are you back in WiFi or 3G range and which point, Spascribe auto syncs everything to your cloud.

Multi-clinic (multi-location) ready

With your Spascribe admin dashboard, you can control every aspect of your group from one centralized place.

By managing your group’s network from one centralized dashboard, you can instantly affect changes throughout your whole group. Whether it be new users, new products or treatments, new prices brands or whatever the change might be, you change it in the admin dashboard, and the changes are push out via the cloud to your whole group. Managing a large network of locations has never been so easy.

Prescription Remarketing

Now you can directly target hot leads with the products & treatments they requested!

Before Spascribe, in most cases, you would wave goodbye to a high percentage of additional and repeat sales driven from your consultations, as the customer walks out the door. With Spascribe, you can now hook into your customer’s inbox and drive massive additional revenue from outside the consultation moment.

Medik8 Preinstalled

Use the entire Medik8 range from the get-go

We have teamed up with Medik8 skincare to include all the products and treatments within Spascribe. So if you are using Medik8 in your clinic or spa, you can use the app straight away without needing to add the info to your Spascribe library. Of course, if you do have additional lines, you can add them too, or remove any that you don’t use.

Stretch your consultation's reach to where your customers go most: their inbox

Spike your sales with the power of eCommerce enabled Remarketing