Cancellation Policy

Although we hate to see you go, you are able to cancel your account at any time. There are no refunds on pre-paid services or partially used months of service.

Spascribe is a subscription based service and you will continue to be charged until you action your account be cancelled.

You can action a cancellation of your account at any time in three ways:

  1. By using the cancellation link provided upon initial subscription activation
  2. By deleting subscribed user licences within your Spascribe dashboard
  3. By formally request in writing that your account be cancelled.

Please note, if you choose to discontinue service, your account will be subject to suspension.

All data you have upload to your Spascribe library will be permanently deleted upon the cancellation of your account. This process cannot be reversed.

By signing up to Spascribe, you agree to the above cancellation terms.