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The world's only skincare prescription generator iPad app for aesthetics clinics, spas & beauty salons

From iPad to fully detailed aesthetic prescription
From your iPad...
Aesthetics prescription marketing i-pad app for spa & clinics
...generate detailed prescriptions like a pro
Spa prescription pad - generator ipad app

Create a beautiful, fully detailed, highly converting prescription in only 30 seconds

1. Select Products & Treatments

on your iPad with one touch for each item

2. Air Print

and present to your client

3. Email

with one click to your client

4. eCommerce connected (optional)

ePrescription ‘buy now’ links to your eStore

Works with any product and any treatment

Say goodbye to redundant or out-dated pre-printed prescription forms

Bulk upload them once with our easy to use admin tool for fast one-touch item selection when generating prescriptions

eCommerce ready

Connecting your consult to your eStore

Finally, a way to create your prescriptions that also directly link your recommendations to your online shop, for post-consult conversion.

Simply paste the link of your eStore products into the matching product in your Spascribe library, and save.

Never lose a sale again

What makes Spascribe such an innovation

Spascribe outperforms traditional aesthetics prescription methods

Faster & Smarter

  • Create a highly detailed prescription in only 30 seconds
  • Simply select, everything else is auto-generated
  • Recommend multiple brands on one form

More Professional

  • Impress your clients and set the tone from the outset
  • Increase client satisfaction
  • No more illegible handwriting

Easy to use

  • Almost zero training time required for your staff
  • Show them once and you’re all set
  • It’s as easy as dialling a contact on your phone: just select & go

Revenue generation

  • Recommendations sell themselves with higher conversion
  • Increase client retention
  • Increase client referral

eCommerce Integration*

  • Integrates with your existing eshop
  • Embedded ‘buy now’ links to your eshop within the ePrescription
  • Track purchase metrics via easily added url tags (utm or affiliate)

* optional – buy now links can be disabled

Track Performance

  • Monitor the accuracy of team recommendations
  • Review your teams upsells & cross sells
  • Identify areas for further team training

Always up to date

  • Synced via the cloud across iPads &/or business locations
  • Adjust for brand & product changes instantly
  • No more outdated pre-printed forms

Auto Archive

  • No more messy filing cabinets
  • Instant in-app retrieval
  • One touch re-print or re-email

Stay ahead of the competition

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Used by some of the world's most renowned Clinics, Spas, Online Shops & Distributors

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Pen & paper
Pre-printed forms
Using Spascribe

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